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新葡京线上投注 Got questions? We’ve got answers. We provide online resources and peer-to-peer support so you have all the information you need to successfully develop with TI devices.

  • TI Forums have thousands of active conversations with processors, microcontrollers, and wireless connectivity users around the world. See below for some of the key Software and Tool Forums.
  • TI Wikis have been developed by TI product teams to collect how-to's, design input and reviews, device configurations, getting started guides, and more. Check out specific Software and Tool Wikis below.

Tools Insider Blog

Your development toolbox! Get the latest design tips, trends and advice on development tools and software for TI embedded processors.

TI support forums

TI-RTOS?and other embedded system software products, including SYS/BIOS, DSP/BIOS, IPC, SYSLINK, and TCP/IP (NDK) are supported in the?TI-RTOS forum.

Linux?and embedded software including drivers and SDK running on Linux are supported in the?Linux forum.

Android?kernel, software components and Development Kit are supported in the?Android forum.

MSPWare?and the included documentation and examples are supported via the?MSP Low-Power Microcontrollers forum.

controlSUITE?is supported via the?C2000 Microcontrollers forum.

TivaWare?is supported via the?TM4C Microcontrollers?and?Stellaris ARM Microcontrollers forums.

Wireless Connectivity?software stacks and SDKs are supported in the?Wireless Connectivity forums.

StarterWare?and associated drivers and examples are supported via the?StarterWare forum.

Code Composer Studio: The Code Composer Studio forum offers support for Code Composer Studio Desktop and Cloud, GUI Composer, UniFlash, Debug Probes and other development tools.

Compiler: The TI C/C++ Compiler forum offers support for TI’s suite of compilers and associated tools as well as GCC.

TI wikis

Embedded software wikis

TI-RTOS Wiki?provides documentation, examples, training material and a download link for the latest version of TI-RTOS.

Linux SDK?support provides a wealth of information on TI’s Linux software development kits including user guides, release notes, and download links for the latest Linux SDK releases.

Development tool wikis

Code Composer Studio?
The Code Composer Studio wiki provides a wealth of training material and detailed information on various features. Download links are also available for the latest and past versions of the product.

This wiki contains many articles describing how to use the tools are come with the compiler as well as links to manuals and release notes.

MSP430 Tools & Software?
iscover information on the selection of development tools that support MSP430 microcontrollers.

C2000 Tools & Software
Includes hardware development tools, controlSUITE, SYS/BIOS, Code Composer Studio and more.

Debug Probe
The emulation wiki contains information on XDS debug probes and related software.

Open source and TI partner software communities

See TI related open source boards and projects

The USB-powered BeagleBoard, BeagleBoard-xM and BeagleBone platforms deliver laptop-like performance and expansion capabilities based on TI's ARM? Cortex?-A8 family of solutions.


GStreamer is an open source library for building multimedia applications (media players, capture encoders, etc.).


Energia is an open-source electronics prototyping platform developed to bring the Arduino and Wiring framework to TI microcontrollers.